County commissioners consider 40 who made the local share list

Fixing the roof of a cemetery chapel, funding a historical research and education center, and redeveloping the site of a former glassmaking plant might not normally come to mind when one hears the ka-ching of a slot machine. Read more

LSA a window of opportunity for Brockway Glass site

“We plan to build a new industrial building that would attract four to five companies, creating 100 jobs,” Schwotzer, president of the Peters Township real estate firm Crossgates Inc... Read more

Annual Corporate Training Day

Crossgates Management, Inc. took the opportunity of the 2018 PAHMA Fall Conference at Seven Springs to once again hold a training day for our site employees. For well over ten years we have held corporate training on the day prior... Read more

Tax Credit Specialists

In late September 2018, three members of Crossgates Management, Inc.’s residential property management team (Lisa Buettner, Anthony Williams and Damian Winchel) attended a three day course... Read more

Somerset County Fair

Somerset Towers was represented by Manager, Adrienne Knopsnyder, and General Manager, Lisa Buettner, at the Somerset County Fair on... Read more

No Smoking

Recently the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) began a drive for healthier environments at all multifamily properties. Smoking was banned from all public housing properties... Read more

How a raised garden brought an apartment community together…

Scottswood Apartments is a family property consisting of 106 apartments. As Manager of this property, I noticed that several residents would be sitting on benches around the property during the day or evening with nothing to do. I enjoy growing herbs and vegetables... Read more

Treasures for Children

Crossgates’ employees enjoyed another year of participating in the Salvation Army Treasures for Children... Read more

Charles C. Keller Excellence Award for Corporate Philanthropy

Arthur C. Schwotzer, photo courtesy of WCCF
The Washington County Community Foundation named Crossgates as one of the three recipients of the 2017 Charles C. Keller Excellence Award for Corporate Philanthropy. Read more

Crossgates Employees Participate in the SparkPITTSBURGH Company Step Challenge

From September 1, 2017, through October 15, 2017, Crossgates Employees participated in the SparkPITTSBURGH Company Step Challenge..... Read more

Arthur C. Schwotzer-Chairman

On September 14, 2017, Arthur C. Schwotzer, Chairman of Crossgates and a World War II Veteran, was honored to receive the Patriot of Patriot Award... Read more

Gladys Morton, Homewood House - Premier Residential Housing Award

Gladys Morton, Property Manager of Homewood House, was recently presented with the Spirit of Excellence Award, Community Premier Residential Housing... Read more

Holiday Acres - Summer Food Service Program

Holiday Acres, a 150-unit rent-subsidized family property in Latrobe, PA, is gearing up for participation in the... Read more

Greenville House

An incident at Greenville House on Wednesday night, March 8, 2017, resulted in the evacuation of the building for three days and two nights, as the property had no electric service. Read more

Linda Davis and Denise Baldwin at Somerset Towers

Country and gospel singer Linda Davis and Johnstown singer Denise Baldwin stopped by Somerset Towers for a Christmas concert. Residents and guests were encouraged... Read more

2016 Salvation Army Treasures for Children

Crossgates’ employees enjoyed participating in the 2016 Salvation Army Treasures for Children Christmas... Read more

Holiday Acres - Cooking Classes

Residents of Holiday Acres, a 150-apartment property located Latrobe, PA, recently completed a month long series of cooking classes sponsored by... Read more

DreBo America Expansion Update

The heavy lifting is done and the push is on to finish for... Read more


So far during 2016 three of our properties have experienced the “joy” of REAC inspections and all three had very successful results... Read more

DreBo America Expansion

Foundations have started on the new expansion project... Read more