Gladys Morton, Homewood House - Premier Residential Housing Award

Gladys Morton, Property Manager of Homewood House, was recently presented with the Spirit of Excellence Award, Community Premier Residential Housing, from the Homewood Concerned Citizens Council.

Gladys began her property management career in 1979 and has been the Property Manager of Homewood House since 1988.  Throughout her career, Homewood House has received recognition for Overall Community Appeal as well as other Multi-Story Elderly Housing awards.  

As Manager of Homewood House, Gladys partners with organizations and programs within the community that focus on bridging the gap between neighborhood youth and the elderly.  

Her goal is to provide clean, affordable, fair housing to the community.  She is active in her community and provides support by attending community engagement meetings, hosting events for local officials and volunteering.

She believes in "One goal, one dream and one team!"

Congratulations, Gladys!!

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